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FIBC Bulk Bags


Our U-Panel FIBC Bags feature a unique construction method, sewing a large 'U' shaped panel with two additional panels to create a robust bag. Ideal for heavy load applications, this design uses the same versatile materials as other FIBCs but offers enhanced strength due to its one-piece fabric underlay. Perfect for industries requiring reliable bulk material handling solutions.

  • Agriculture: Grains, seeds, nuts, and fertilizers
  • Chemical: Powders, granules, and chemical products
  • Construction: Sand, gravel, cement, and construction materials
  • Food: Ingredients and powdered foodstuffs
  • Mining: Minerals, ores, and mining materials
  • Waste Management: Bulk waste handling
  • Automotive: Bulk automotive components
  • Recycling: Materials at all recycling stages
  • Oil and Gas: Drilling mud, chemicals, and industry materials
  • Achieves high safe working loads, outperforming other FIBC styles
  • Reduced stitching minimizes contamination risk, enhancing safety
  • Cost-effective production ensures efficiency and savings
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