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Gravis Team


Gravis collaborated with Florida Power and Light, a leading power company in Florida, on a unique project. The client required specialized bags for transporting gravel to job sites, crucial for the installation of power poles. Annually, they use approximately 10,000 bags via subcontractor networks.

The Challenge

Florida Power and Light faced a specific challenge: they needed a bag that could be easily lifted by the boom on their trucks, with an open top for straightforward gravel loading and a secure discharge method around power poles. The uniqueness lay in the requirement for a single lifting point and the need for safety in discharging gravel precisely where needed, avoiding any potential hazards for employees.

Consultation and Past Solutions

Prior consultations with other companies were unfruitful, as competitors offered standard off-the-shelf bags that failed to meet the specific needs, particularly in safely discharging gravel without causing employee hazards.

The Solution

Gravis developed a bespoke bag featuring dual sets of loops for angled discharge, directly addressing the client's needs. This innovation not only facilitated a safer, more controlled gravel discharge process but also significantly reduced labor by negating the need for wheelbarrows and manual gravel transport, streamlining the pole installation process.

Development Process

The solution stemmed from a collaborative effort with Florida Power and Light’s process engineer, who initially proposed using a specialized bag. Gravis engaged directly with the client, conducting on-site evaluations and leveraging technology for real-time engineering consultations, culminating in a tailored product that precisely met the client's requirements.

Advice to Others

Gravis advises other customers facing similar logistical challenges that a tailored solution, akin to the one developed for Florida Power and Light, can offer significant operational improvements. The team is ready to leverage its engineering expertise to create customized solutions for unique needs.

Lessons Learned

The project underscored Gravis's engineering team's ability to innovate and customize solutions, proving that thinking outside the box and challenging conventional methods can lead to significant operational advancements.

Additional Notes:

Photographs documenting the use of the bags in action are available, illustrating the practical application and effectiveness of the custom-designed solution.

The Results

The custom-designed bags resulted in:

  • An average of 4 hours saved per pole installation, significantly cutting labor costs and enhancing efficiency.
  • A safer, more efficient method for transporting and discharging gravel, reducing reliance on manual labor and minimizing potential injuries.
  • Prevention of damage to landscaped areas during installations, crucial for maintaining aesthetics in sensitive environments like neighborhood entrances and business areas.

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