Gravis does bulk transport packaging differently.

Thanks to our unmatched supply reach, continental scale, and product expertise, our team delivers a seamless experience you simply won't find anywhere else. We're a true partner committed to providing better value, better service, and better solutions - no matter how complex your packaging needs are.

The Gravis Story

Beginning with the development of the first FIBC Bulk Bag in 1972, Gravis has led the way in providing customized products with a consultative approach. Today, Gravis unites brands with rich legacies of excellence across key segments of bulk transportation packing. Our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions that solve our customers' toughest challenges because we know every customer, facility, and product is unique and deserves expert focus every time. Our network covers bulk packaging needs throughout North America and is supported by a robust manufacturing infrastructure in North America, South America, India, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Dedicated to sustainability

The Gravis difference includes finding innovative ways to improve sustainability for ourselves and our customers. We're proud that 100% of our Norwood Products® and FirmaLoad® products are both 100% recycled and recyclable. We also take steps to reduce our carbon impact wherever possible. The majority of our North American manufacturing operations recycle more than 95% of their waste and have installed renewable energy systems.

Our Values


Be Excellent

Our customers trust us to deliver on our promises. We take this responsibility seriously. We align with brands built on cultures of excellence, beginning with leadership and continuing with every member of the team. We continually invest in the people, systems, expertise, and partnerships that enable us to excel.


Embody Integrity

Customers rely on Gravis to keep their operations flowing. We understand the importance of providing the highest quality solutions, on time, because the total cost of packaging includes every failure and every stoppage. We simply can't afford to let our customers down.


Act Like Owners

Gravis was built by an entrepreneurial spirit, which influences every part of our business approach. That starts with investing in our employees so they become empowered problem-solvers who consistently provide outstanding service, and extends to tackling problems head on and with urgency, going the extra mile for our customer relationships, and more.


Steward Well

In a small way, our products touch the lives of millions every day. Our customers feed, build, deliver, construct, and innovate to make the world a better place. They're constantly pushing the envelope to do so while building a sustainable future. We believe it's our job to provide seamless solutions that let them focus on what really matters.

Bulk Lift+Norwood Paper+BulkSak®+Powertex+JumboBag+

Bulk Lift+Norwood Paper+BulkSak®+Powertex+JumboBag+

Continuing a legacy
of excellence.

Gravis isn't just another supplier - we are a full-service packaging solutions provider. Uniting brands that each bring rich legacies of excellence, Gravis is the industry's most experienced, committed, and trusted name in a full range of bulk transportation packaging products.