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Sea Bulk Liners

Sea Bulk Rigid Discharge Angles

Introducing the Sea Bulk® Liner, uniquely designed for seamless integration with closed-loop pneumatic systems. This liner is ideal for transporting heavy powders like starch, titanium dioxide, and silica, featuring a 6-inch diameter discharge fitting that adapts to any vacuum unloading system globally. Prioritizing dust containment, product integrity, and operational safety, it's the optimal choice for industries handling fine particulates.


  • Perfect for securely transporting starch, catalysts, titanium dioxide, alumina, and silica.
  • Adapts to various grades of materials requiring strict dust containment measures.


  • Crafted from extruded polyethylene film for durability and safety.
  • Equipped with a rigid corrugated bulkhead ensuring maximum safety, reliability, and load integrity.
  • Features a closed-loop pneumatic system for efficient and safe loading and discharge.
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