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Sea Bulk Liners

Sea Bulk Fluidizing Liner

The Sea Bulk® Fluidizing Liner revolutionizes the transport of powders known for their challenging flow characteristics. Featuring a comprehensive floor-mounted live fluidizing system, this liner ensures smooth discharge by aerating and fluidizing the product. Equipped with an aeration manifold, it allows precise airflow control to independent zones, guaranteeing optimal product movement.


  • Ideal for efficiently transporting starch, flour, titanium dioxide, and various grades of catalysts.
  • A solution for powders requiring enhanced flow properties during discharge.


  • Constructed from durable extruded polyethylene film, ensuring product safety and integrity.
  • Integrates a rigid corrugated bulkhead, maximizing load safety and integrity.
  • Utilizes a closed-loop pneumatic system for both loading and discharge, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.
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