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Stretch Film

At the core of customer product protection is load containment, necessitating an understanding of stretch film products and their applications. Our team specializes in consulting on high-quality stretch film selection, tailored to the unique demands of your operation's safety and transportation needs. Let our product specialists guide you through choosing the right film grade for your environment.

  • Machine Film Specifications: Widths: 20" & 30" (all standard gauges in stock), including standard and engineered gauges for high performance.
  • Hand Film Specifications: Widths: 11' – 18" (all standard gauges in stock), with options for pre-stretch and high-performance films.
  • Custom specifications available for both machine and hand films upon request.
  • Custom machinery modifications and installations for improved packaging efficiency.
  • Film monitoring systems to ensure quality and performance.
  • Quarterly film evaluations and certifications for consistent quality.
  • Comprehensive business reviews and competitor film analysis across multiple locations.
  • Access to national RFQ platforms for efficient large-scale purchasing.
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