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HD Plastic Pallet

Engineered for strength and versatility, our Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are the ideal solution for efficient stacking and racking in warehouses and throughout the supply chain. Designed to support heavy loads, these pallets meet the rigorous demands of most products requiring organized storage and transportation.

  • Essential for stacking and racking pre-, during, and post-transport
  • Suitable for smaller bags (BOPP and Paper)
  • Perfect for Bulk Bags (FIBCs) and heavy-duty storage needs
  • Food-grade safe, eliminating the risk of wood contamination
  • Engineered for heavy-duty applications, ensuring durability and strength
  • Ideal for double-stacking, open-racking, and various warehousing needs
  • Reusable & Recyclable, promoting sustainability in supply chains
  • Resistant to impact and weather, enhancing longevity and reliability
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