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25kg Bags

Standard BOPP Laminated

Introducing the Gravis Seal Heat Sealable BOPP Barrier Bag, a cutting-edge solution featuring Quad Layered fabric with Heat Sealable PP, Woven PP Fabric, Lamination, and a BOPP outer layer. Designed for versatility, it offers a flat bottom design customizable with a Double Rolled Glued Bottom seal or a Heat Sealed Single roll bottom. Perfect for securing a very low MVTR and OVTR package post-filling process.

  • Pet Foods
  • Dehydrated Milk
  • Whey Proteins
  • Cat Litter
  • Any food or feed application requiring low MVTR or OVTR
  • Full Retail print capabilities, including up to 10 color reverse print on BOPP film
  • Options include Lo Slip Gloss Film, Matte Film, or a combination for visual appeal
  • Versatile size range for 4 lb. to 80 lb. applications
  • Micro Perfs option for efficient de-airing during filling
  • Global manufacturing capabilities
  • PP Class 5 Recyclable Package for environmental responsibility
  • Barrier protection against moisture with Heat Sealable PP lamination
  • Compatible with existing Heat Seal equipment
  • Enhanced stability with up to 35% Slide Angle Anti-Skid
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