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FirmaLoad Pallets

FirmaLoad® Pallet

Introducing FirmaLoad™, our specially designed corrugated pallets for FIBCs, engineered to support bulk bags and significantly reduce shipping costs. Ideal for both export and domestic shipments, these pallets offer unmatched stability and space efficiency.

  • Compatible with a wide range of flexible intermediate bulk containers
  • Optimized for the transportation of FIBCs in export and domestic contexts
  • Safer and more stable than traditional pallets, enhancing space efficiency
  • 1,200 FirmaLoad pallets vs. 540 standard wood pallets per truckload can significantly save space and time
  • 82% lighter than wood pallets, reducing ergonomic concerns and increasing load capacity
  • Designed for ease of loading, moving, and strength
  • Eliminates risks of bag puncture, tears, and splinters, preventing product waste and ensuring cleaner shipments
  • Offers three maximum weight load capacities to accommodate specific applications
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