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FIBC Bulk Bags

Baffle Bag

Baffle FIBC Bags feature an innovative internal baffle system that connects two sides of the bag, maintaining a box shape even when filled. This unique design allows for maximum storage efficiency and reduced shipping costs, thanks to the effective use of space. With a variety of materials for baffles and several sewing methods, these bags are versatile for numerous applications, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, ensuring your products are transported safely and efficiently.

  • Agriculture: Efficient storage for grains, seeds, nuts, and fertilizers
  • Chemical: Ideal for powders, granules, and chemical products
  • Construction: Perfect for sand, gravel, cement, and other materials
  • Food: For food ingredients and powdered substances
  • Mining, Waste Management, Automotive, Pet Food and Animal Feed, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Oil and Gas
  • Maximizes storage and space with a maintained box shape
  • Utilizes multiple materials and sewing methods without impacting product flow
  • Reduces "bulging," enhancing product safety during transportation
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