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FIBC Bulk Bags


Our 4-Panel FIBC Bags are crafted from four individual pieces of fabric, offering superior stability and reduced bulging compared to other styles. This construction not only allows for enhanced customization but also ensures that the bags can utilize the same versatile materials as other FIBC styles. Ideal for applications requiring reliable and tailored bulk container solutions.

  • Chemical: Powders, granules, and chemical products
  • Food: Ingredients and powdered foodstuffs
  • Mining: Minerals, ores, and mining materials
  • Automotive: Bulk automotive components
  • Pet Food and Animal Feed: Ingredients and feeds for pets and animals
  • Textiles: Yarns, fibers, and textile materials
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ingredients and raw materials
  • Offers greater stability than U-panel designs, ideal for diverse applications
  • Fully customizable sizes and capacities to meet specific requirements
  • Capable of accommodating complex bag designs for unique needs
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