Our Brands

No challenge too big. No detail too small. Gravis’ end-to-end platform of bulk transport packaging products provides the right solution for any need.

Bulk Lift International

Founded with the development of the FIBC Bulk Bag in 1972, Bulk Lift set the standard for custom engineered FIBC’s by building a world-class operational footprint and organization.

Bagwell Supply

A leading Canadian supplier of FIBC Bulk Bags since 1997 and originally headquartered in Vancouver, BC, with a presence across Canada.

Norwood Paper

Established in 1972, Norwood has delivered their line of custom Norwood Products including pallet liners, tier sheets, and more to blue-chip customers across North America from their Chicago-based operation.

BulkSak® International

BulkSak® has delivered custom FIBC Bulk Bags, 25kg bags, plastic pallets, and other complementary bulk transportation packaging solutions to the US and Mexico since 1991.


Leading innovators in the global bulk container liner category with their custom engineered Sea Bulk® Liners, Powertex has provided the highest quality container liners and bulk bags since 1977.


With focus on food and pharmaceutical requirements, JumboBag has delivered only the highest quality, custom FIBC Bulk Bags since 1992.